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Pig Ears

Average rating:
average rating 99%
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10 whole pig ears
Product from Brazil
  • item#: 10082

only $20.00

More information about: Pig Ears
Pig Ears are all natural, single ingredient chews that provide protein and nourishment dogs need. Chewing these ears promotes healthy dental care and exercises mouth, jaw, and gums.
All pig ears are carefully inspected and tested multiple times for safety; also treated by irriadiation
Ears are slowly baked to preserve the rich and delicious pork flavor your dog naturally loves and craves.

Average rating:
average rating 99%
26 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
My Dog's Favorite! 11/07/2013
By NJ Leslie
These pig ears are without a doubt the best deal around. They are large, and I assume they are tasty since the dog just devours them! Sometimes I cut the ear into strips (I use poultry shears...it's not easy) and give them as a reward, sometime she gets a whole ear when I want to keep her busy. The best ears I've found!
average rating 100%
Awesome !! 01/31/2013
By Elizabeth
These pig ears are the biggest I have ever seen !! I was so excited when I got the bag, and so was my dog. This is a great change up from rawhide, and made in the USA !!! The price can not be compaired to anything bought in the store...... I love this site.
average rating 100%
yummy 01/28/2014
By Sheila Pannepacker
These are the biggest pig's ears I have ever seen. My dog must think they are the best because he heards me to the box and politely barks for them. He is so happy we got these. I love when my dog is happy.
average rating 100%
pig ears 02/12/2013
By Abigail Decker-Creigh
My GOD what kind of pigs do these come from, these are HUGE. My dogs love them so much, geasy dont let them eat it on your good carpet. but its a nice treat for that special occassion.
average rating 100%
Pigs ears 10/07/2014
By Michelle Alexander
We have a terrier and at first thought they would be a little too big. They were not, Linguine loved them! Not too messy and keeps him busy for quite a while.