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"My name is Watson the cocker spanial & my wonderful Mommy recently bought some of your made in the USA bones. What a treat when I saw the box at the door & it was for me. My mommy opened the box & to my surprise it was full of yummy bones. As you can see by my picture attached I LOVE the peanut butter braided bones. Hoping you will someday sell them in a smaller size since as you can see the bones is almost as big as me. Of course it didn't stop me from totally enjoying it. Thanks again & would love to see my picture on your website. "
~ ~ Watson

"ugly" 9 inch USA rawhide bone - dark chicken basted

Average rating:
average rating 93%
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3 pieces
9" USA rawhide bone - dark chicken basted
  • item#: b7009-3

only $11.50

More information about: "ugly" 9 inch USA rawhide bone - dark chicken basted
3 pieces 9" long USA rawhide bone, basted with a dark chicken flavor


Basting color isn't quite perfect, so we've reduced the price


CAUTION: basting might stain light fabrics or carpeting

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Average rating:
average rating 93%
13 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Toys 08/23/2016
These balls are perfect for a little dog.
average rating 100%
100% satisfaction 03/10/2023
By Deborah Musick
PLEASE do not buy any old product from grocery or pet stores. These bones smell like REAL FOOD....NOT full of chemicals like those sourced/processed in brazil/mexico etc.. My dogs have always gotten a rawhide bone for about 15 min. after morning feedings...until the rawhide softens and it 'polishes' their teeth. The vet commented on how beautiful my 13 year old dogs teeth were! Then I take it away so no big chunks of rawhide get swallowed. They go right to the 'chewy spot' that is covered so the 'baste' does not get on my carpet. Frankly they go for the basted or plain rawhide and I KNOW it's SAFE. Never leave your dog unattended with rawhide as it is their instinct to just swallow large pieces bitten off and rawhide is not easily digested. I sincerely believe the exercise their jaws get each morning keeps them from wanting to chew up other items in the house, like shoes, cuz I have never had a problem with destructive chewing with my dogs. LOVE IPET products!
average rating 80%
Value 12/01/2023
By Rebecca Simmons
I really have to stick to the "retriever rolls" for my aggressive chewer. I bought these knowing he will unravel the end and these wouldn't last the duration of the rolls...but I wanted to give him a treat since these were "basted" in chicken flavor. LOVE that they are MADE IN THE USA... Still value and nice change up. Would love if the retriever rolls came in a basted option... but honestly, my guy will tear them up either way!
average rating 100%
rawhide order 08/21/2017
By David Messenger
My lab loves these chick basted rawhides. These are the best products available at an excellent price. Deer antler is a fine genuine antler at a very good price. Unfortunately my spolied boy does not seem to be interested in it. Should last a long time at this rate.
average rating 100%
save the animals save the world 11/24/2021
This place is the BEST! Give you a lot of goodies for your money! Fast shipping! You don’t need to go anywhere else! I have been a customer for a while…
Lauren Contino
save the animals save the world