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4 to 5 inch USA Rawhide Retriever, 16 pieces

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average rating 98%
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4" to 5" x 1 1/2" USA Rawhide Retriever Rolls
  • item#: DRR05

only $18.00

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16 pieces ($0.87 ea)


100% USA product


Excellent choice for any size dog.

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average rating 98%
133 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
We Love Retriever Rolls 03/09/2013
By stephen blai
We buy 5" Retriever Rolls on a regular basis. Our two Labs Holli and CoCo get one everyday after mealtime and they love them. Our Vet says it's fine to give them the rolls and it helps keep down the tartar. The dogs head right for the "cookie jar" waiting for their roll after eating. Sometimes Coco tries to steal Holli's in order to get two. Holli will come to me and whine and that's when I know something is up. I get it back for her and all is well. Thanks i-pets for a great product.
average rating 100%
Nice, Solid Rawhide 08/06/2014
By Emily King
I've used I-pets for a few years now and I always get consistent products. Very durable and long lasting these rolls satisfy even our roughest chewer. I've also never (or very very rarely) seen our dogs eat these whole, which is a major plus. The only drawback is the diameter of the roll. The dogs don't care...it becomes a game to figure out how to chew them. Even our 12 week old Chihuahua can manage them, so it's not that big of a deal.
average rating 100%
Keep 'em coming! 01/15/2014
By Daisy Wulfers
My mom gives me one of these every day, and they are THE BEST rawhide rolls! They are the perfect size for a lazy basset/border collie, they are long lasting, give me lots of quality chew time, and are easy to digest. When we are running low, heaven forbid, she orders more and they arrive within a few days. I would only be happier if she gave me three a day instead of one, but oh well. . . . Great product and made in USA!
average rating 100%
Daisy's crazy for rawhide! 08/07/2013
By Nancy Wulfers
My dog can't go without her daily rawhide roll, so being able to buy these in larger quantities and at a great price is wonderful. The rolls are long lasting and just the right size for her. I have seen no digestion issues or small parts breaking off. I-Pets is a terrific company to deal with -- shipping is prompt, ordering is easy, and, judging from Daisy's reaction, the rolls taste great!
average rating 100%
5" Retriever Rawhides 02/22/2013
By Morgan
My Labradors love these rawhides and they last over an hour or more. Normally when I buy rawhides, I'd get them at Target and they would only last around ten minutes. Basically,Target's rawhide bones are hollow. These rawhides last much longer, are very dense plus they are from the USA and aren't treated with some nasty chemicals. Great product and buy. Thanks i-pets.