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" Our Border Collies work very hard at their job: chasing nuisance Canada geese. Internet Pet Supplies rawhide chews, pig ears & plush dog toys are a perfect reward for a job well done. We wouldn't buy from anyone else. "
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Pig Ears

Average rating:
average rating 96%
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100 whole pig ears
Product from Brazil
  • item#: 10078

only $168.00

More information about: Pig Ears
Pig Ears are all natural, single ingredient chews that provide protein and nourishment dogs need. Chewing these ears promotes healthy dental care and exercises mouth, jaw, and gums.
All pig ears are carefully inspected and tested multiple times for safety; also treated by irriadiation
Ears are slowly baked to preserve the rich and delicious pork flavor your dog naturally loves and craves.

Average rating:
average rating 96%
26 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 80%
Pig Ears 03/27/2014
By Debi Smith
The pig ears are a nice large size and the dogs really loved them. The ears were a bit greasy this time. Us humans at our rescue much prefer the dryer type, but the dogs weren't upset at all about the grease. ;)
average rating 100%
excellent as always 02/04/2013
By Carol L Hyatt
There is a very happy black Lab in our family, these pigs ears are his all time favorites. Thanks again, I would recomend this company and these pig ears to everyone.
average rating 100%
PIG EARS IN BULK 10/22/2013
By Cyndie Lambert
average rating 100%
HUGE! 08/15/2014
By Jamie
These pig ears are HUGE! Lola, Jasper, Gibbs, and Kujo love them! In fact, I generally buy 200 at a time, otherwise I'd run out too quickly. These ears are easily double the size (some triple!) of what you find in the big box pet stores or TSC. Great value for the price. Dog and Dog Mommy approved!!
average rating 100%
Awsom Job 10/27/2014
By Carol L Hyatt
Julie its been awhile, your website has changed, but not your service and excellent products. The three black labs I had through out the years just love the pigs ears.

I alway get a thank you before they settle down and enjoy them.

Featured negative reviews:

average rating 40%
Nefi the Basenji&Ears 02/11/2013
By Bernard DeWitt
I bought these pig ears for Nefi because she's always loved the ones I've brought home.These ears are large and better looking than any store brands.Unfortunately,Nefi doesn't care for them.The second one she had made her sick.She will leave them alone and won't touch them.Maybe it's just this dog,but I cannot recommend them.