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canvas bone

03-82719.jpg Canvas Bone, 8in
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8" Canvas Bone
  • item#: 82719

only $1.00

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Great for small & medium dogs & light chewers

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Canvas Bone, 8in
Average rating:
2 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

Canvas Bone, 8in
These are great, I love that they are only $1 because I can order multiples for donation to the shelters!

Featured negative reviews:

Canvas Bone, 8in
Made a terrible mess!
Our little dog does one thing with stuffed toys: methodically rips holes in them and removes their stuffing. We have come to expect this, so we stick to cheap toys and let it happen. I wasn't surprised when he started working at the corner of this thing as soon as he got it, but I was surprised that five minutes later there was a sizable hole--and a huge mess. This bone is stuffed with small, packed-in pieces of brown fluff. Like roughly marble-sized. And it. was. everywhere. I guess that's what you get for only a dollar--I certainly can't complain about the price! But I don't recommend if there's any chance your dog will rip it open.