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canvas bone

03-82719.jpg Canvas Bone, 8in
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8" Canvas Bone
  • item#: 82719

only $1.00

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Great for small & medium dogs & light chewers

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Canvas Bone, 8in
Average rating:
3 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

Canvas Bone, 8in
Durable toy
She likes to retrieve the canvas bone. It is very well made and should hold up even with harsh treatment.
Canvas Bone, 8in
These are great, I love that they are only $1 because I can order multiples for donation to the shelters!

Featured negative reviews:

Canvas Bone, 8in
Made a terrible mess!
Our little dog does one thing with stuffed toys: methodically rips holes in them and removes their stuffing. We have come to expect this, so we stick to cheap toys and let it happen. I wasn't surprised when he started working at the corner of this thing as soon as he got it, but I was surprised that five minutes later there was a sizable hole--and a huge mess. This bone is stuffed with small, packed-in pieces of brown fluff. Like roughly marble-sized. And it. was. everywhere. I guess that's what you get for only a dollar--I certainly can't complain about the price! But I don't recommend if there's any chance your dog will rip it open.