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Clear Basted USA Rawhide Retriever, 10 inch, 12 pieces

Average rating:
average rating 97%
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Clear Flavor Basted 10in USA Rawhide Retriever Roll
  • item#: SDRR10

only $32.00

More information about: Clear Basted USA Rawhide Retriever, 10 inch, 12 pieces
12 pieces ($2.66 ea)


Internet Pet Supplies "Clear Basted" flavors are clear and odorless. They will not stain your carpeting or furniture.


We offer Clear Basted USA Rawhide in a choice of Chicken, Beef, and Peanut Butter flavors.

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35 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Tasty beef basted 04/08/2014
By Chief and Steve
Chief is 90lbs rhodesian ridgeback and this is about the largest retreiver roll that I am comfortable giving to him. I'm not a fan of taking them away once they're given, so i will let him chew until it's done. It takes an hour and a half for him to finish one of these, what a bargain! I will definitely go with the beef basted again, but Chief really needs an 8" retriever so i will size down one step.
average rating 100%
Raw Hide - Yea! 10/27/2013
By Hedy
I was extremely pleased with the service and the product. The package got here quickly and it was a great investment. With all of the issues with dog products being made in China, it is nice to know that I can still find the raw hides made in the US. My girl seems to really like the clear basted raw hides so I will get these again.
average rating 100%
Great Chew 11/18/2013
By Robert ONeill
We searched for and found a USA rawhide chew at a very reasonable price. More expensive then the ones from China, but the quality is excellent and its safe! Best of all takes our lab a few days of chewing before she is asking for another.
average rating 100%
Rawhides 04/22/2013
By Heidi Colonna
Excellent quality, reasonably priced. Great customer service and quick delivery.
average rating 100%
Great 06/30/2017
By Angela
I have been a customer for over 6 years.

I adopted two very active chewing Pitbulls after my Rottweiler passed away. They both are constantly chewing and I haven't found anything that holds up.

I did request the toughest, hardest rawhides available in the comments box on the order page. I received a follow up email that my order would be delayed a week because they were trying to send me tougher rawhides for my babies.

My order was actually shipped a few days sooner. My two babies were trying to get into the box when it arrived. I have given them the peanut butter and chicken ones to try. Both seem to provoke the same craziness of joy from both babies.

Pros: great communication if there is a delay or issues with your order. I even forgot my password and they were quick to respond.
Shipping is fast and not too terribly expensive
No strong order, chemical smell (like store bought)
No staining with a clear basting
Made in USA