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" Thanks for the dog chews. Cookie loves them -- even more than garden hoses, of which she has chewed up 6. "
~ ~ Nancy


"I have been ordering with i-pets for over 5 years and you guys provide great rawhides at EXCELLENT prices. Do I need to say more? American made rawhides at cheap prices? Our Chocolate Lab thanks you!"
~ ~ Vanessa

Clear Flavor Basted USA rawhide chip rolls, 36 pieces

Average rating:
average rating 96%
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Clear Flavor Basted USA Rawhide Chip Rolls
  • item#: SDRCR02

only $18.00

More information about: Clear Flavor Basted USA rawhide chip rolls, 36 pieces
36 pieces ($0.44 ea)
length = approx. 6"


Internet Pet Supplies "Clear Basted" flavors are clear and odorless. They will not stain your carpeting or furniture.


We offer Clear Basted USA Rawhide in a choice of Chicken, Beef, and Peanut Butter flavors.

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Good size for medium to large dogs 02/04/2015
By Tracie Davis
i-pets rawhide chips and chip rolls are great quality, better than I can find in any pet store. I'm a long time repeat customer. I tried the clear basted chip rolls as an alternative to the chips. As always, high quality, but my dogs are 10- and 12-years old and the rolls are a little too substantial for their senior teeth and gums. I share them with the neighor's two younger lab mixes (about 70 lbs. each) and the rolls are perfect for them.
average rating 100%
Clear Chip Rolls 12/02/2013
By Shawn Stevens
I have been getting the Clear Basted Chip rolls from i-pets for some time now. They are nicely coated and my dog LOVES them. The do not ruin your carpets (I have off white carpeting so I know) and they do not have an overpowering smell. I main reason I like these are that they are USA made and the product is from the USA.
average rating 100%
Pack of Beagles 12/30/2013
Excellent, the beagles just love them. The quality is the best, I enjoy doing business with i-pets, all of the products are top notch quality. I am never disappointed with the rawhides I purchase from i-pets and it is the only place I purchase them. Thanks Julie, you have always answered any questions that I have asked.
average rating 100%
Clear Basted Chip Rolls 10/04/2014
By Maureen Bradford
My three dogs love the Clear Basted Chips and the Clear Basted Chip Rolls. My dog Abby knows where I keep them and she will sit by the door and whine until I give her one. My dogs Hunter and Bella are smart they let Abby do all the work. I just love that they are made in the USA and there is never a mess.
average rating 100%
Good stuff 02/11/2013
By Kathy Fiebig
I was pleased with everything about this purchase. Good communication from i-pets, quick shipping, a good product, and reasonable costs. The dogs love the basting, and just as they claim, it does NOT stain the carpet. This is a very good value, and I recommend it without reservation.