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~ ~ John

Clear Flavor Basted USA rawhide chips, 5 pounds

Average rating:
average rating 98%
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Clear Flavor Basted USA Rawhide Chips
  • item#: SDRC05

only $34.00

More information about: Clear Flavor Basted USA rawhide chips, 5 pounds
approx. 75 pieces in a 5 lb. pack ($0.42 ea)


Internet Pet Supplies "Clear Basted" flavors are clear and odorless. They will not stain your carpeting or furniture.


We offer Clear Basted USA Rawhide in a choice of Chicken, Beef, and Peanut Butter flavors.

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average rating 98%
194 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
This is what I've been looking for! 01/31/2014
By Tracy Monferdini
I have tried many different kinds of chewies for my dog and these, without a doubt, are the absolute best! He is only 14 lbs. but if the rawhide gets small enough to almost fit in his mouth, he will attempt to swallow it. These are large and thick enough that I don't have to worry so much about it. I did ask for the larger pieces and am so glad because they are absolutely perfect and he LOVES them. Thank you so much for making these.
average rating 100%
i-pets goes out of their way to deliver! 02/04/2015
By Tracie Davis
I've been purchasing from i-pets for years and if I have a special request, they go out of their way too deliver. This time, I asked for the smallest, thinnest chips for my two senior dogs and I got a bag full of what had to be hand-picked chips that were perfect for my dogs' needs. It really warmed my heart that someone at i-pets went out of his or her way to make me and my dogs happy. Thanks!
average rating 100%
Maggie loves the chips 11/25/2013
By James Seelye
Maggie, our Brittany, has a chip-a-day after dinner. She is a very happy dog when she gets her chip. I groom her once a month and part of the process is to clean her teeth. She has almost no tartar as a result of eating a small piece of your hard rawhide chip each day. Being a product of the U.S. is comforting to me after all the pet feed and treat problems from foreign countries.
average rating 100%
The best clear basted chips 06/19/2013
By David Herrman
The peanut butter flavored clear basted chips from i-pets are the best product that we have found. Our two dogs thoroughly enjoy these chips. They apparently enjoy the flavor very much. Because the chips are clear basted, they do not stain the carpet or dog beds. The clear basted chips purchased in a 5 lb. bag are a very good value. We appreciate that i-pets offers this product.
average rating 100%
Clear basted chips 02/17/2014
By Denise Schacht
Julie, I can't thank you enough for going the extra mile and hand picking the larger pieces of the clear basted chips. My three Weimeraners are enjoying them every night as an evening snack . I will continue to purchase these on a regular basis .thank you for having such a great product and knowing that they are made in the USA lets me know that my dogs are safe.

Featured negative reviews:

average rating 20%
Not received yet? 05/17/2021
By Cindy Chandler
I will be glad to give a review when they arrive.
I do not have a tracking # to see when the order is coming. :(